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Pyrex Bowls And Baking Dishes These Are Wonderful!

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Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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Bowls Set Pyrex Piece Wonderful

Recently I decided to buy some new bowls for the kitchen. I like my lightweight plastic ones but they are hard to get clean. Another problem with plastic is the finish can be marred if people put hot leftovers in the plastic bowls.

While watching television one evening, I saw glass bowls with lids for sale on a shopping channel and I thought they looked like just the solution I needed. The next day, while shopping at Wal-Mart, I went into the kitchen section of the store to see if they had these. While there, I found Pyrex bowls and baking dishes with lids. I bought a set of the bowls and a matching baking dish.

The features of these bowls and dishes:

--These are heavy but durable.

--I checked the lids and they seal nicely so that makes the bowls and baking dishes fairly airtight.

--They can be stacked in my cabinet.

--You can serve food in these or store food in them.

--One of the things I really like about these Pyrex covered bowls and baking dishes is that they come in different sizes and you can get Pyrex baking dishes in oblong shapes.

--These Pyrex bowls come in a 6 piece set consisting of 3 bowls and 3 lids. The largest bowl holds 1.75 quarts (7 cups or 1.66 L), the medium size bowl was 1 quart (4 cups or 950 mL), and the smallest bowl holds 2 cups ( 470 mL).

--I also bought an oblong Pyrex baking dish that measures 10 inches long and 3 inches deep and it holds 2.75 quart (2.60 L. or 11 cups). These bowls and dishes are clear glass with red lids. The 6 piece set was about 9.00 dollars and the rectangular dish was 12.00 dollars.

When I tried these bowls and dishes, I discovered that hot food can go in them with no worries. Just leave the lid off till the food cools, then cover with the lid and refrigerate. Another positive aspect of these bowls and dishes is that I can take them from the refrigerator, take off the lid and reheat my leftovers in the microwave. I will admit they are heavier than plastic bowls and you have to handle them with care. However, I can live with that because they are very easy to wash and, unlike plastic, they will not stain or hold odor. I love these bowls and dishes.

These Pyrex bowls and baking dishes say, on the bottom, no broiler and do not use on the stove top.

I bought these in the store but you can see the 6 piece bowl set and the rectangular dishat Walmart.