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Pyrex Portables

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How many times have you been invited to a pot-luck dinner and found yourself faced with the challenge of transporting hot dishes? It's awkward! Do you place it on a cutting board and risk it sliding around in the seat beside you? Wrap it up in a towel? Oh, and don't forget to bring your oven mitts... not that they will help much... you're bound to get burned or spilled on before you get there anyway.

Well, no more!

I really love this thing. Pyrex Portables is a handy little set that includes a glass 9/13" casserole dish with a plastic snap-on lid, an insulated carrying case, and a reuseable, microwavable heating pad. The inside of the case also has a little strap "seat belt" to secure the dish, so it doesn't slide or move at all.

I am particularily impressed by how well insulated this is. I have placed the heating pad in the bottom of the case, then placed the dish--directly out of the oven--on top of it, and then sat the whole thing on my lap for the entire car ride. It was warm, but not hot, and definitely not burning. And dinner was still hot and ready to serve when I arrived.

It's also very simple to clean. You can just wash the dish and lid as you would normally, and if spills happen inside the case, you can just wipe it up with a damp cloth.

This set makes a really neat shower gift, or, if you can't resist, a nice gift for yourself! =)