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Pyrex Silicone Head Spatula

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By ferret on
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I love to bake! Bakers always need rubber-type spatulas to get that last bit of batter or frosting from our mixing bowls. This is the Pyrex silicone head spatula. It is 10" long. The spatula part is about 3" long. The handle is clear plastic with kind of a cool frosted look. The silicone section of this spatula is purple. It does come in other colors.

I think this spatula is a nice looking utensil. This is our second spatula of this exact model. We were not going to buy this model again, but we did not find anything we liked better, so another Pyrex it is.

Our first Pyrex model was yellow. I found when I opened our baking utensil drawer to look for it, the yellow blended into everything else and was harder to spot instantly. This time we bought purple and it is very easy to spot in the drawer.

The reason we were not going to buy this model again and gave it a low rating in durability is because it does not take very long for us to see black mold forming inside the spatula where the plastic handle dips into the silicone in a U-shape. Ewwwwwww!

We are careful not to let our spatulas sit in dishwater and even though it is dishwasher safe, we usually just wash this spatula by hand. We are hoping this will prevent the mold from showing up on our purple model as quickly as it did on our yellow model. This mold issue is actually is a problem with many spatulas of this kind. I thought since Pyrex was around forever, they would be a better quality. I guess you just have to accept that and throw it out when you see mold.

As far as how functional this spatula is, I like it a lot. The handle is comfortable and it is a good length and width. The silicone part is exactly how I like spatulas. It is stiff enough to get your bowl clean, but soft enough for some flexibility. I have tried spatulas that were too hard and not flexible and they were a pain to use. I have also used spatulas that are too soft and they are pretty useless as far as my baking goes.

These plastic and silicone spatulas, to me, are superior to the old fashion wood and rubber spatulas as far as germs and mold go. The new ones are not porous like the old wood handled ones and at least we can see what is going on inside as far as mold goes!

I guess you could say we are still looking for that perfect mold-free spatula. Too bad too, because we are satisified with everything else about this Pyrex spatula.