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Python Makes Cleaning Aquariums Easy

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I purchased this Python Products Inc. No Spill 25NS aquarium cleaning system to make my life with fish easier. The system consists of a gravel tube, hosing, a bypass switch, a faucet pump and adaptors. You use it to vacuum and refill your aquarium.

We have four aquariums. I am the main caretaker of the fish and do all aquarium maintenance. When you have a number of aquariums to clean regularly, you will look for any tool to make the job easier.

The Python No Spill system is just the right tool to get your aquarium clean without hassle. Traditional aquarium maintenance involves using siphon tubing, buckets, and backbreaking work. With No Spill you hook the faucet pump to your faucet, fill the tube with water, release the valve and start vacuuming. Once your job is done, you close the valve and fill. Easy!

I cannot tell you what a lifesaver the Python No Spill 25NS has been for me. I am done with my aquariums in less than half the time it used to take. Now I spend time enjoying our fish rather than maintaining the aquariums.