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Quake 4 For Pc

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By hachibei on
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Quake 4 is the lastest installment in the venerable Quake series, made by id Software, arguably the pioneer of first-person shooting games. While Quake games have been known for their innovative and fresh gameplay, plus bleeding edge graphics, Quake 4 does not do that, as it runs off the still-great Doom 3 engine. None the less, Quake 4 is an excellent game that all FPS fans should play.

In the Quake timeline, Quake 4 takes place immediately after Quake 2. In case you don't remember, that's the Quake game where a nameless space marine (the player) lands on Stroggos (Quake 2's setting) and completely obliterates everything on that planet singlehandedly. In Quake 4, you play as Matthew Kane, a marine in Rhino Squad, and you're fighting against the Strogg forces.

The gameplay in Quake 4 is extremely fast paced; enemies will be jumping at you left and right. It is also quite violent, as is tradition in the Quake series. The graphics look amazing, even better than the ones in Doom 3, especially if you have all the graphic settings turned to max. Because of this, Quake 4 tends to be a bit of a system hog. The multiplayer aspect, while still very fun, feels very outdated. It's basically the same as Quake 3's multiplayer, except with better graphics.

In the end, Quake 4 is definately a game all FPS players won't want to miss, as long as their over 17 and have a good computer.