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Quality Leather Briefcase

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My husband is a working person and he has to make frequent official trips to different location, usually within the Country. So, he has to carry a lot of office documents along almost all the time. Previously he had a leather bag, but there his papers do not keep their shape and so he had decided to buy a leather briefcase. The leather briefcase I am going to discuss here is purchased by my husband and I was there accompanying him to the Sreeleather's show room to assist his selections. Sreeleather is a quality leather manufacturer of India, based at Kolkata, known to the global world for their product quality, purity of leather, and constant product up gradation to meet the customer demands. The showroom was very attractive and the displays of all their products were there across the building where this showroom was situated. On entering the building, we were greeted by an attendant and he accompanied to the location where briefcases were showcased. Their products were nicely displayed, well disciplined and well attendant by a number of attendants. It was enough for a customer to make their mind for a purchase.

The briefcase we purchased was of 14" X 10" X 3", chocolate colored and weighing about 750 grams made of pure leather. There was no mention about the type of the leather on the bag as it was manufactured for domestic consumption, not export. Still, on enquiring they said that the leather was of export quality. We can feel the smoothness of the leather and the leathery smell from the briefcase. Centrally there is a handle to carry the bag and to the sides there are two locks for securing the contents of the briefcase. The locks are digital and by default the lock is set at "000". After purchase, one can changed the locking digit according to his choice. On opening the briefcase, there comes a huge space for office files and other essential items like pen, calculator, etc.

There are enough space inside the briefcase to accommodate a pair of suits on an official tour along with neck tie, under garments, and other essentials. The upper lid of the briefcase have some leather pockets to keep travel essentials like air ticket, passport, letters, pad, etc. and can be secured well in place due to the design and modernization of the interior. The briefcase is light enough to carry and when I tried picking it up with my hands, I could feel the lightness of the briefcase.

I saw the signs of satisfaction over my husbands face after he made the purchase and we happily leave the showroom. Now he carries his newly bought briefcase whenever he has to make an official tour or attend his training sessions at different locations. I can nicely pack all his essentials for a day or two inside his prized purchase without much discomfort.

Sreeleather is a trusted company of India and so durability of the product can be assured. The briefcase comes with a warranty of 180 days from the date of purchase and the warranty is for pasting and stitching only.


I recommend Sreeleather briefcases to those who give more importance on quality than look.