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Quality Usb Hub For A Good Price

Reviewing: Philips Ph1620  |  Rating:
compeek By compeek on
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I got this USB hub on Christmas of 2006. I’ve been pretty pleased with it. I’ve seen better hubs, but a hub is a hub and this one does the job for a nice price.

The biggest thing I didn’t like was that it was quite difficult to plug USB cables and devices into the ports. The ports are very tight, and I had to literally yank the cable or device out. To my satisfaction, the ports began to loosen up as they got used. Now they work a lot more easily.

This hub has an external power supply. It is rated at +6V at 2100mA. This is plenty for a 4-port hub. Each port gets a maximum of 500mA (USB 2.0 standard), so there is plenty of power.

The hub consists of a gray plastic case that has a clear plastic “cover.” This cover starts at one side on the bottom and wraps around the other side to go across the top. It’s not really a cover, as its part of the case. It adds a cool look to it. The four ports are all in a single row across the front. The power hack is on the left side, along with the port for plugging the hub in. The overall size of the hub is about 2.5 x 3.5 x .75 inches, which is perfect for sitting out of the way on a desk. The design is fairly attractive, and it should blend in with just about any desktop setup.