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Quantum Of Solace Movie

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Quantum of Solace is a continuation of the film Casino Royale with Bond drive from Como Lake to Siena, Italy with the prisoners in the film before Mr. White who was placed in the baggage by Bond Aston Martin, after a chase each other through the action - the pursuit enamor, Bond and M, and White interrogate about the organization, Quantum. that this is very great, terrible MI6 did not get what they are, generally orderly M, Craig Mitchell was shot betray M and Bond. surprised with a sudden attack that Bond is pursuing Mitchell through Siena and kill him. Beyond forensic Investigation and involve tracking banknotes, Bond is soon to leave Haiti to meet the Mitchell who is actually, after knowing that that person is searching for Slate Edmund Bond also move to investigate and at one point to kill him, Bond was ostensibly - ostensibly to be Edmund Slate, and I know that Slate hired to kill the top of the Camille paramour, Greene ask Camille to board the ship Medrano as they slippery agreement. Bond also took off with the ship that was glued harbor and ship direct to save Camille (although he does not want to be saved) and chase each other - not even chase avoided. at a time to stun Camille and Bond also ask locals for help. Bond Greene was soon to follow, with the presence of blood through Greene right hand, called Elvis, Green was up to the private plane that intend to fly an opera Tosca which is located on the lake Constance, Austria. This is a confidential way for groups to plan for Quantum assistance to the coup d'etat planned, each member of Quantum talk through communication equipment installed in ear and blur in the bag souvenir. Bond get any means of communication and disrupt the meeting Bond send pictures from the members of quantum when they together - leaving many Opera. When Greene with hurry - hurry to leave the opera, the expressly not meet with Bond and chase each other - is going on in pursuit restaurant. Bond is finally dealing with the guards generally from Guy Haines, (which is the advisory council of the British prime ministry) in the opera house roof, but they make the melee guards fall from the top of buildings and replace the car Green. Because Green does not get the fall Green also ordered to kill him.

Bond believes that kill more sources of information that is vital, M block passport and credit card 007. But Bond can still travel with the boat to Italy, where Bond asks for help from his old named René Mathis, who now live divilla over the top of the mountain, which is the by MI6 as compensation for services on this. They both also immediately rushing to La Paz, Bolivia. they are greeted by an agent called Strawberry Fields, an MI6 agent field of women's conculat be located there. Although Field explained that Bond should return to the UK in the next flight, Bond is not overrule order and persuade Agent Fields in the suites with the same order . In the night, they attend a fund-raising evening held by Greene, there was Camille in the party. Bolivian police are working with the rope Bond Mathis laying a black-and-blue car into the Bond.

Ok, I see a review of this film:

we all do knows, Bond Francise this since role by Daniel Craig more Full Action Pack, we are always watch action and action of the strain from the beginning until the end. far from the time of Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and well but there's something we miss from old Bond movie the elegant, first impression is that shown by Daniel Craig is very poor, Bond is the first Bond who have style, which Womenazier Bond, who is now a nostalgic. but overall the film is a comedy ok.