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Warning this review contains spoilers but even if you haven’t watched the movie yet you’ve technically already been spoiled which is explained later.

Quarantine is a remake of the Spanish language film REC. It follows a similar Blair Witch/Colverfield kind of approach when a news pair with a camera follow fire fighters around. It stars Jennifer Carpenter who you may know from Showtimes Dexter series as the reporter Angela Vidal. The fire crew are called to check on an elderly resident living in a Los Angeles apartment. The old lady attacks a police man and that’s when the interesting stuff begins. The apartment is sealed off so the residents including the fire fighters and news crew are trap inside the building. People who die or become bitten experience an advance form of rabies and attack other people who in turn become ‘infected’.

Oh this is going to ruin it a little but if you’ve seen the trailer or poster for Quarantine then you’ve already seen the ending. I don’t understand why people who market this and make the trailer do that. Another horror movie ‘The Eye’ ending was also in it’s trailer. I guessed that shot where the Angela gets dragged off was the ending but hoped that they wouldn’t put that for everyone to see but yes it was the ending. So yeah, if you haven’t gotten the message… everyone dies.

The most interesting part of the movie was the last ten minutes of it. Almost everyone is infected except for the news crew and the power is out and the only light comes from camera but you’ve seen the trailer then you already know their tragic fate Angela and the cameraman.