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Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Creme

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I have used Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Crème for ages mainly because this is what my mom and my grandma used. Cocoa Butter crème is made with natural Cocoa Butter and Lanolin. The label says non-greasy but I will warn you it is greasy but it is great to soften dry, irritated skin. It is best when used at night because that will allow the body to absorb most of it. I use it on my face at night before going to bed as an facial moisturizer. I like it mostly because it reduced the amount of dark spots I had on my face. The label says it is good for wrinkles, lines and crow's feet. I was sun burned a few times, I used it for my burns, and it helped heal them faster. In addition, when my mom was pregnant she used it to prevent stretch marks but I am told the key to preventing the stretch marks with cocoa butter is to use it from the very beginning of pregnancy daily because for stretch marks that are already there it will only fade the marks not take them away.

So far, I love this product and if you only use it at night, the fact that it is greasy will not overly bother you too much but it is worth it. I have no stretch marks or dark spots and I think it is the cocoa butter because my mom and my sister use it and they do not have any dark spots. I sometimes even apply a small amount of cocoa butter before applying my foundation. I would only recommend this product if you have dry skin because the crème is heavy but if you do not have dry skin I would say try the lotion and not the crème it is a bit lighter and less greasy.