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Quick And Simple French Manicure

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The Sally Hansen French Manicure pen makes history of the little glue on tip tape with their quick to use pen. It isn't perfect but it certainly does make creating the French manicure look (white tipped nails) a much quicker process.

The pen holds about 5ml of white nail polish and when you use it for the first time you need to press the tip of the pen down on a protected surface to get the nail polish to flow into the nib. This took about 5 depressions of the nib in my case. The nib itself is a little tapered end covered with what looks like a bit of chamois. The nib is quite stiff but has enough movement that it easily follows the line of your nail tip. It's broad enough to do the entire nail but is also fine enough that just lining the tips of the nail can be done very precisely. Prior to applying this pen to my nails I had buffed them with a nail buffer to ensure the nail bed was smooth. This didn't seem to have any effect on how the polish from the pen went on (no missed spots or globs). The pen seems to provide you with just the right amount of coverage so that one application is sufficient.

I found I did my left hand easier than my right because I'm right handed and the nail polish went on quite smooth on that hand with one quick stroke across the surface of the nail tip.

You can either apply this polish by sweeping it across the nail from side to side (which I recommend) or you can apply it by stroke from the area where you wish to start the white look and moving towards the tip of the nail and doing so in 3-4 strokes across the tip. Sweeping across in one continuous line makes for a smoother look but will take a few tries to ensure you get the line just right. Once you are adept with the pen though, doing the 10 fingers in just a few minutes is very doable. I had my manicure complete from white nail tip to protective coating in about 8 minutes and there was no messing around with little white strips that stick to everything but the nail!

The polish dries relatively fast but to ensure a flawless look, I suggest leaving your nails dry well between nail tip application and final protective coating (I found about 5-7 minutes seemed sufficient), otherwise you may disturb the white tip and cause it to streak.

I used a quick dry top coat that was clear and after application of the white tip polish and the top coat I had a pretty decent looking, no fuss no muss French manicure which will end up saving me about $40 every few weeks and looks every bit as good as the Porcelain nail tips I was using

I don't know exactly how many applications you can gain from this pen yet but so far I and my daughter have used it a few times and there still appears to be plenty of polish available for a large number of applications. With a protective top coat the pen polish seems to remain flawless despite the fact I'm not always the easiest person on nails but I think the key to keeping your French manicure looking good is applying a really good clear top coat. This is day 3 for mine and no chips, peels, or other wear and tear indicators as yet.

A little pricey for a nail polish pen but the time savings and ease of use is worth it.

*Apologize for poor pictures still trying to figure out this camera :)