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Quick Dissolving Tablet!

Reviewing: Member's Mark 1000 Mg Vitamin C W/Rose Hips  |  Rating:
bosoxy By bosoxy on
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With $5.86 in my pocket I can walk into Sam’s Club and purchase a gigantic 500 tablet bottle of Member’s Mark Vitamin C! Each tablet contains 1, 000 mg of Vitamin C, which is made with rose hips and contains the good bioflavonoids and acerola that wholehealthmd tells me is good for me. I was quite thankful to have the added bioflavonoids in my Vitamin C recently when I injured my knee, since flavanoids help to prevent further muscle injury, which I clearly do not need!

What I most like about this product is the quality for the price. I feel that I am getting a good quality of Vitamin C with the extras that I want for a rock bottom price. Personally I do not like to pay a lot for Vitamin C as it is a water soluble vitamin and I am never quite sure just how much of it my body uses versus how much it eliminates in my urine. This is why I will generally take 1 tablet in the morning and another at night. In cold and flu season, when I am not feeling well or when I have an injury I will add another tablet mid day.

While the tablets are large, they are not the huge horse pill size like some of the higher dose tablets of vitamins and supplements. The bottle, however, is a space hog. On the bright side, it is unlikely to be misplaced for long… conversely a travel sized bottle is needed to carry a few in my purse.

What I do not like about this brand of Vitamin C is that it starts to break down too quickly… like before I actually swallow it! And… it does not taste that good as it dissolves in my mouth… Yuck! Because of this I suggest taking a drink quickly after places the tablet in your mouth!