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Quick Books Pro 2008 Registration One Big Headache

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PJ Richards By PJ Richards on
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We purchased Quickbooks Pro 2008 when it first came out. Only recently did we install it. Installation was a breeze - put the CD in, click agree and next as required and voila! the software is ready to go. The menu is much improved over older versions. Navigation is a breeze.

We cruised the features and the menu, thinking okay, this is not so difficult. Then DH clicked on 'add new company' and hit a brick wall. The software is not usable until you call the registration number and get a key. What? Other, equally expensive software companies put the key somewhere inside the box.

Intuit obviously feels the need to make users jump through hoops. It isn't enough that you've shelled out a big chunk of change. I dialed the number and got a service rep who spoke decent English (5 on a scale of 1-10), chewed gum while we spoke, and had quite the sarcastic repartee.

All I wanted was the key. I knew from the first moment he spoke, the script was going to be a long one. It was. He wanted the names, addresses and phone numbers of anyone and everyone who would be accessing the program. I gave him the name and info for the main user. That's when his sarcastic wit surfaced. I refused all offers of addons and upgrades and finally got the key. He then informed me that should we ever need to re-install (heaven forbid the computer crashes) we'll need to call support and get a new key.

Once I added the key, the software worked great for the creation of a company. Then, surprise, when we returned to add more information, the software refused to let us in until we recalled the new administrator password. The adminstrator password the program had never yet asked for.

Once we got past the password hurdle, it was once again smooth sailing. The features in Quickbooks Pro 2008 are nice and they work well. For personal reasons we aren't using any of the online conveniences that can be activated.

Would I have purchased Quickbooks Pro 2008 knowing the software could not be installed and used immediately without accessing the key? No. I don't care how great it's supposed to be, it's not that special. Will I think twice about Intuit products now? Definitely.