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Quiet, Well Ventilated And Dust Preventing Case

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Making a good, quiet and ventilated ATX case has considerable challenges because solving these problems may result in worsening another. For instance, having many holes for ventilation will usually make the case noisy, because the noise will have more directions to escape to your ears. The Nexus Clodius is a very good and affordable MiddleTower ATX case, which can be modded in many ways for PC enthusiasts, and is very well ventilated. Of course, a name like Nexus should inspire a sense of quietness -- and it proves it well, the case being quiet with the excellent stock fans (two Nexus 120mm Real Silent fans) without compromising airflow.

Please note that, before I begin with details, this case does NOT come with a PSU -- which is a very good thing for modders, but not so good when you look at the prices. Even though, obviously, it is VERY affordable compared to many "high budget" cases. For instace I got mine with 70$.

Problems with contradictory solutions

While a properly ventilated case offers significant advantages for your system temperatures, especially when overclocking, they also tend to suffer from two (annoying) things:

1) Noise

2) Dust buildup; a lot more

This is because having more strategic holes in it will, obviously, allow dust to enter, and noise to escape to your ears. The Clodius is different. For dust, it has one excellent washable filter for the bottom-front intake, and dust filters for the bottom hole on the case -- these are the areas most profoundly affected by dust, because usually that's where air comes in the case either through a fan or lower pressure in the case.

The Clodius avoids holes in the usual places on a case to avoid noise escaping (such as the "middle" hole on the left panel found in many cases). Instead, the hole on the bottom of the case will provide the required proper ventilation -- while this may accumulate far more dust without any protection, believe it or not the dust filter does a tremendous job at keeping most of it out (then again my house is somewhat clean).

My Config

There are also good news for PC modders or enthusiasts. This case allows you to mount two additional fans, one 120mm at the top (I would choose intake), and one additional 80mm at empty PCI slots. If you are like me and prefer a positive pressure case (because it prevents dust from building up as easily) the following configuration is viable:

1) Unmount the stock front intake fan at the bottom, and put it on the ceiling of the case.

2) For silence AND performance, put at the front intake a fan like the Noctua NF-P12 -- this is a very powerful, silent fan.

3) Optionally, and I recommend this, if you will only need one 5.25" Bay, you can put a 5.25" Bay fan, like the Scythe Kama Bay System Cooler. This will put more intake and will certainly make a positive pressurized case. (optionally replace the stock Scythe fan with a second Noctua NF-P12 fan for extra performance).

Why did I choose this config? Simple. Having 2 powerful and quiet fans (the Noctuas), and one very silent and moderately powerful (the stock 120mm Nexus Real Silent that comes with the case) ensures that with only the relatively weak PSU fan and an exhaust fan, the pressure inside the case will be positive. In other words, air will try to escape from the extra holes (except for the bottom, since heat usually raises, but that hole has dust filters!).

How it Looks

At first sight the Nexus Clodius may look like a cheap case with too many holes and just a stylish look (I absolutely love how elegant and simple it looks), but once you realize the modding potential with this thing, and get stunned by how silent it can be -- even with a 5 fan configuration (provided they are quality fans of course, like Nexus, Noctua, Scythe, etc) -- you will never feel the need to sell it or throw it out the window for wasting yoor money on it.

Don't get me wrong, the case is far from being expensive. Compared to other silent and ill ventilated cases like the Antec Sonata III, it is very affordable. It also comes with a nice LED indicating temperature with different colors, pretty nice but most people prefer to read actual levels on their computers with software.

Now if you are really paranoid about dust you may very well buy a dust filter if you plan on putting a ceiling intake fan. Either way, the Clodius is one of the best cases I've seen because it combines the three elements that usually have contradictory solutions: Quiet, Well-Ventilated, and Dust-Prevention (not exactly dust-proof, as nothing is obviously).

Reason for the High Score

I give it a very high score simply because, as a PC enthusiast, I am very pleased with a case aimed at people like me. Most cases on the market are more or less the same thing -- either quiet and poorly ventilated, quiet and real dust-suckers (no pun intended), or well ventilated but noisy and dusty. The Clodius, while not as good in any of these categories as a specialized case, aims to provide a common ground and benefit from them all. All this at an affordable budget price too.