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Quilt Magic

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I recently discovered a different type of craft project called Quilt Magic. My sister introducted me to it as she wanted me to help her put hers together. I guess I have a bit of a reputation of being crafty. :)

Quilt Magic gives you the look of a quilted wall hanging without the use of a needle and thread. The base of the project is a styrofoam/foam board that has precut grooves in it outlining the design. It provides you with a pattern of the design, and all the different colours of fabric you will need to make the project. The only supplies you need to put it together are a pair of fabric scissors, and a regular dinner knife from your cutlery drawer.

To make this craft, you need to cut out the pattern pieces, and then cut out the different coloured fabrics into the various shapes. When that is done, you basically get to put the whole thing together like a jigsaw puzzle. Each piece of fabric corresponds to an area on the pre-cut board. You just need to match your number, and then place the fabric in the proper spot. To do this, you use your kitchen knife. Place the fabric over the spot you are covering, and then punch the edges of the fabric into the pre-cut grooves with the knife. Once you have tucked it in tight over the foam, the fabric will be in the proper shape, and will be slightly raised and pillowy. You simply have to place all the pieces in the exact same way, and you are done!

This was a very simple project to make, with no sewing or gluing. The entire thing took us an afternoon, and I have no doubts that a single person could finish it in a day.

Two things I did not like, is that not every piece was perfectly secure. One or two kept "popping" out of its spot, which made me realize that this will have to be maintained if it is to last. But I suppose you can't expect a non-sewn craft to hold up like a traditional quilted one will. Secondly, there was no hook or way provided to hang your project after it is finished. We had to place our own teethed holder onto the back by pushing pins into the styrofoam (in the spots where nails would go). Not a very secure or ideal solution, but hopefully it will hold together!

Overall, a fun and easy project. If you are not the sewing type, but love the look of quilts, you may enjoy making a Quilt Magic of your own.