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Quit It!

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sizwizz By sizwizz on
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My husband has smoked since he was a teenager, and now he's 54. There's a lot of gunk built up in those lungs! So it was time to get serious about kicking the habit.

When he got the prescription for Chantix, he was told to keep smoking the first week. During that week he was to monitor what his ‘trigger points' were during the day; what activities he was doing that made him want to smoke. The following week, he started the Chantix. He took a pill twice a day, morning and evening. There were enough pills for a month, with a couple of refills. While taking the prescription, you cannot chew nicotine gum, or wear nicotine patches.

The plan was working like a charm; however, my husband was still having a difficult time. He went a whole two months without smoking, and wouldn't you know it--he started smoking again! It was just a few cigarettes, but nonetheless, he smoked! With the high cost of the prescription, this is something you hope won't happen. Plus, insurance typically does not cover no-smoking meds.

Never let it be said that he didn't try again! He refilled his Chantix prescription, ($$$) and jumped on the wagon again. So far; so good. Chewing gum, (not nicotine gum) helps when he feels the urge to light up.

His personal take on it: Chantix does take the edge off quitting smoking. Believe me, he knows... he's tried several other programs, but even with the Chantix it's still very difficult, especially when you've been a long-time smoker.