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Quit The Situps, Roll Your Way To A Defined Strong Set Of Abs.

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Most of the "As seen on TV" exercise equipment is junk. All the infomercials try to do is sell you the next fad that doesn't work. I consider myself to have a high level of expertise in how the body moves and works. The abs attach to the pelvis and the lower ribs, they pull the upper torso towards the pelvis. The Ab Slide is perfect for putting the body in a position where the abs work very hard during the entire movement. Knowing that, lets looks at how the Ab Slide works. You put your knees and feet on the floor and roll out until the body is almost touching the floor. Then you pull your upper body back towards your legs. When you are in the extended position a tremendous amount of stress is put on the abs to stop your body from falling or rolling out more, and when you pull yourself back the abs contract strongly. Not only does the Ab Slide work the abdominals hard, it works the shoulders, upper and lower back, chest, arms, and it hits the hamstrings and calves hard as well. This exercise will build an extremely strong core which will help anyone out with any activity they plan on doing. This is one of the only ab exercises that leaves me sore a day later. The Ab Slide is great for beginners because it has a spring inside of it that prevents you from rolling too far out and it also helps get you started on the way back in. If your looking for a great set of abs and a really strong core, this is the way to go. Quit the sit-ups and try an Ab Slide.