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Qwest Actiontec Gt701 Wg

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Jacob Peschel By Jacob Peschel on
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This baby was our old modem for about a year or so, through Qwest. It was pretty fast, almost all the time, and had a wireless antenna to boot! It had a USB port for computers without ethernet support, along with an ethernet port.

The web-interface was absolutely amazing, and it was almost too easy to set it up and customize. Though, the advanced features were a bit harder to do, though Qwest did provide much help with all that, and if not Qwest, the Actiontec site was pretty useful.

The modem itself, it actually a bit on the older side, though fairly recent, and VERY reliable. The reset button was very helpful if you had screwed up your settings, and the wireless signal was pretty strong. The modem featured NAT, so it was at least somewhat safe to use, and it almost never disconnected me from the internet unless one of our phonejacks decided to have its wires cross and kill the phonelines to the entire house.

Though, the only annoying thing about the modem was networking, which was almost impossible to do unless you knew what you were doing, or if you bought a hub for the ethernet. THAT was a problem, as neither Qwest nor Actiontec had much help with, and I had to of course go out and buy a hub.

Despite the networking problem, almost everything else was basically perfect, or at least for a DSL modem it was. The only other annoyance besides the networking was that the modem didn't seem to friendly with routers, though that was more-or-less my own fault, and I was only hacked once by some guy in Texas, so the NAT did good enough job at protecting my computers.

The wireless seemed to be a little too powerful for what I was wanting though, as I was hoping it would have a weak signal, but obviously not as it extended down the street a ways, and people at the bus stop usually helped theirselves to the free internet.

The wireless was indeed a bit annoying to protect, as there was no documentation that went into any detail on setting up wireless protection anywhere to be found in the manual, on Qwest's website, or on Actiontec's site, but that was only a minor problem, and I never went to customer support.

Overall, this modem was awesome, and I much liked it more than our current modem.