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Ra Board Game

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We play a lot of games in our family and one of our favorites is RA. Ra is a bidding game. In Ra each player gets a set of tiles. The tiles are numbered from one to sixteen. They are given in a manner so everybody has a fair set of tiles ranging from high to low. The number one tile is in the middle of the board. During your turn each player has the choice of placing a tile on the board, playing a sun god tile to take a tile on the board or calling RA which brings out the auction phase. During the auction phase every player that wants to bid on the tiles on the board places one of their tiles on the board. The player who places the highest numbered tile gets the tiles on the board and the number from the middle of the board. The number tile they bid is then placed in the middle of the board for the next auction. This goes on for three epochs and then the player with the most points wins.

This is a medium to hard game to learn how to play. You have to remember a lot of rules and scoring. If you play this game on a regular basis you will have no problems. If you only play it once in a while then you will have to refresh on the rules every time.

This is a fun game to play and once learned will definitely be a favorite.