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Radiata Stories

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By shawn on
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Radiata Stories is an RPG released by Square Enix that fell beneath the waves in the midst of more popular titles, but nonetheless has the capability to stand on its own. The story is barely above that of “cute” storyline RPGs in that he has some serious moments that will lend depth to the characters and the overall story, but don’t expect to be bogged down in politics at all. The main character Jack Russell is a kid and jokes accordingly.

The battle system is overly simplistic in that you’re only going to control one character and basically hack away at whatever is in your face. Issuing commands isn’t as deep as it could have been and you probably won’t ever have to use it over the course of the normal story. The story, which offers two different branches, doesn’t last very long and the extra dungeon is a tad bit short. As for recruiting a bevy of characters, most of them are practically useless.

However, Radiata Stories will appeal to some casual RPG fans, but hardcore fans expecting a wealth of things to do will be disappointed.