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Radio Control Flying Saucer...Cool!!!

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I got this for my husband for Christmas…he is like a big kid when it comes to toys. I’m not kidding! He especially loves remote control toys! If it looks like something a 10 year would like…its right up his alley! When I saw this Radio Control Flying Saucer, I just had to get for him…and my father in law! They are both the same when it comes to this kind of stuff!

This thing is cool! The actual flying saucer part is about 10 inches in diameter. It‘s dome shaped and has an open design that looks like a propeller. There is a light (also dome shaped) in the center of this propeller dome. The light on ours is gold but can vary, depending on what you choose. The ON/OFF switch is located on this light. The actual motorized propeller is located on the under side of the dome…same piece as the top light.

This thing is VERY light weight! The “body” is made out of Styrofoam material and is silver with a black ring base. There are also 2 LED lights (ours has 2 colors, green & red) located at opposite points around the base. The entire body of this UFO spins when you are flying/hovering so the lights really look cool at night! It really does look like a mini UFO.

It comes with a flying saucer unit, an infrared remote control, a special battery charger, a 9.5 volt 650mA DC adapter, a user’s manual and a 555mm antenna.

One of the nice things about this is that it requires no assembly! You just have to charge the flying unit and put 2 AA batteries in the remote control.

This is the easiest remote control I have ever seen; it is shaped similarly to a gun and has a trigger as the ONLY control. You just squeeze and the UFO goes! The harder you press on the trigger, the higher up the UFO goes. It’s that easy. This has hover action…you can’t really go side ways with it…if you are outside then the wind can of course push it.

One thing kind of irritating about this product...the charge on the UFO/Flying Unit does not last long...I think we got maybe half an hour out of it, then we had to plug it in again.Other than that, this was awesome.

Now. It says that this is designed to be safe for indoor use…I personally had a fit when my husband did this! But there is a safety feature (auto stop). When ever the unit comes in contact with anything, the propellers stop instantly. I can’t remember the exact range this has…I believe it went up 20ft….actually my husband DID get it up higher but your control starts to get weak after a certain point and then theflying unit just shuts off and falls to the ground. So...be careful! It can get stuck in a tree!

We had a lot of fun with this. Unfortunately my husband flew it into a ceiling fan and it broke the motorized part when it flew down and hit a dining room chair. It was a real bummer! We still have it…I was hoping to be able to replace the part that broke but it doesn’t seem like parts alone are available.

I bought this from a vendor in the mall; they were temporarily there for Christmas. I paid almost $50 for each of these that I bought. However I found these Flying Saucers online for $11.95 -49.95 so…I will probably just buy a brand new one and hope that my husband has learned his lesson about flying this in the house!!

The box I have says that it is recommended for ages 8 and up. If you do get one, just be aware that it is VERY light weight and CAN break somewhat easily so you want to be kind of careful if you fly it inside. Over all, I think this is a very fun and cool toy for kids and adults as well!

Update On May 22, 2008: Ok..my husband just read this and wanted me to include that he had gotten it up to about 100 yards..it was really hard to comtrol, it flipped side ways, then upside down and fell out of the sky...in true UFO Style!