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Radius Source Toothbrush

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Organic or natural toothbrushes have been around for years such as Spry Toothpaste or St. John’s Toothpaste. The first natural toothbrush to hit the internet and stores though has taken a longer time to reach the public. The first in my area is the Radius Source Toothbrush, which was worth the wait.

Dentists for years have suggested toothbrushes, for any age, have only six month shelf duration after the first use. Unfortunately for the earth though, toothbrushes do not decompose at the same rate. Thanks to the guys at Radius, the new Radius Source Toothbrush comes complete with replaceable toothbrush heads. The handle of the brush is never thrown away; therefore this new toothbrush consumes only 1/5 of the space in a landfill compared to standard toothbrushes.

When I first heard from the local health food store that a new earthy toothbrush was coming out, my concern was the quality of the head and bristles. Removing plaque, food particles and massaging the gums are the essential purposes of brushing our teeth so I investigated the material the bristles were made first before making my first purchase.

The Radius Company has announced that the bristles are made from Tynex nylon bristles. Tynex nylon bristles are made for scrub brushes made by DuPont, heavy duty paint brushes, and so much more. If that was not enough proof, the Radius Toothbrush has come out with the first in the world invention of radial bristling. Radial bristling separates the bristles to deliver a wide, soft bristle area and provides easier access to tight spots. My family found that the brush is easier to use and were not disappointed in the overall bristle quality compared to traditional toothbrushes.

When the Radius Source Toothbrush finally came into our local stores, I immediately went out and purchased it for our entire family. There were only two handle colors: a light wood or darker flax color that resembles cork. Although there are not many options with colors for children currently, I am sure there will be more to come later. The box stated the handles are long-lasting and are made from recycled wood and post-consumer plastic.

I found the toothbrush was easier to use than the standard ones made by name brand companies. The handle is slightly larger and fits better into the palm of hands, especially those of children. Since I was able to handle the toothbrush easier, I felt the bristles did in fact clean my teeth better than a standard one.