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Raid Ant And Roach, Lemon Scent

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Like many others experience in the warmer months we too were fortunate enough to be visited by ants. Usually we get the little brown ones but this year we got the larger black ants. In my ongoing attempts to find a product to eliminate them I decided to try Raid Ant and Roach, the Lemon Scent variety.

As with many other bug killers this one came in a 17.5 ounce can. The problem that I had with this can, much like other cans, is that it really only sprays well when I hold it upright and spray. This naturally is an issue because most of where I need to spray is on the ground or floor. When tilting the can the spray doesn’t always come out evenly and usually ends up dripping quite a bit. This though is not a problem unique to this can or brand.

The can states that it kills ants on contact. I would agree; it generally does. The ants I sprayed directly didn’t make it very far after being hit. The real issue though is how it deals with the bugs you can’t see. I sprayed around the floor boards, the doors, and both inside and outside of the house. I also sprayed numerous ant hills outside near the foundation. For a couple of days after spraying I did see fewer ants, but eventually they came back. The hills that I sprayed seemed less active as well however, I did notice new hills which sprung up nearby. Obviously the ants just moved and any that did not come in direct contact with the spray or go through it immediately were not terribly affected. Since it kills on contact the sprayed ants do not take back with them anything to wipe out the colony.

As far as the lemon scent goes, well it does smell lemony. But let’s face it you aren’t buying an ant killer to freshen up the smell of your house. While it does smell of lemon, the odor is very long lasting and for the most part shouldn’t influence whether you buy this product or not. Unless the smell of regular bug spray makes you instantly sick this really isn’t much of a benefit.

Overall I found that this product was just another in the line of temporary fixes to an ant problem. While it does what it says, kills on contact, it doesn’t have the long lasting impact I was hoping for. I guess some common sense would have helped as I now understand why killing on contact doesn’t help with all the bugs I can’t see. If you like using the spray this one is fine. It does provide a little immediate help but will not necessarily solve your ant problem.