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Raid Disposable Yellow Jacket Trap

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During the summer months this year, we had a wasp problem on our front porch. I tried various methods to kill or otherwise rid ourselves of the pests, but unfortunately I had only limited success. During one of our weekly shopping trips, I came across a product in the bug-spray section that I had never seen before. It was the Raid Disposable Yellow Jacket Trap, which according to the package, was supposed to catch, trap, and kill yellow jackets and wasps. I was running out of ideas to get rid of our wasps, and this didn't cost too much, so I decided to give it a try.

When I got home I took the trap out of the box and got it ready to use. Preparation consisted of peeling off a piece of plastic film to expose the entrances to the trap, putting the "roof" on the top of the trap, and then attaching the wire hanger.

When fully assembled, the trap itself looked a little bit like a hanging lantern. The main body of the trap contains a liquid, which I assume is supposed to be very attractive to wasps. Theoretically, the wasps will smell the liquid, then crawl beneath the "roof" and into an entrance of the trap where they will be unable to re-emerge.

If I remember correctly, the packaging suggested that the trap was placed about 10 - 20 feet from any populated areas, which I did to the best of my ability. Once the trap was in place, I observed it pretty regularly to see if it was working. On a couple of occasions I saw a wasp hanging around the outside of it, but I never actually saw any go inside. I left the trap in place for several months until all of the liquid completely disappeared (evaporated?), and then I took a brief look at it after that. There did appear to be a few wasp carcasses in there, so it looks like it did help in some way.

It wasn't a miracle cure, but anything that kills wasps without the need for me to fight them face to face, is OK in my book. It may not have wiped out the all of the wasps that we had, but it appears that it did help. If you have a problem with wasps or yellow jackets, and if you have a few bucks to spare, this may be worth trying.