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Raid Flea Spray

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Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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If you have dogs and cats like I do than during some summers you are going to have real flea problems. The bad thing about fleas is that they will bite me as well as the animals. They get in the carpet and than they land on my feet. Let me tell you something about flea bites they are like mosquito bites only about 100 times itchier it seems!!

This past summer we had a real problemm with fleas so I was happy to see Raid has a product to deal with fleas. I have used their bug sprays and they seem very effective.

This product works on fleas, roaches and ticks. I have only used it for flea problems and it was effective for me. I used it on the carpet and furniture lightly. You will need to test this product in inconspicuous place to see if its ok to use on carpet and furniture. They even say you can spray it on dogs but I have not tried that yet.

The BAD part: I would not use this in any area will children are going to be just to be safe. It is a product containing strong chemicals. It warns on the can that it is dangerous if you get it on the skin or breathe it in.

WARNING: Now just because this spray smells nice, and it does smell nice, does not mean it is ineffective or safe to use in any way you see fit. This product contains strong chemicals so you MUST follow ALL the INSTRUCTIONS on this product including not letting it get on your skin or clothes, keeping it away from children and ventilating areas where you use it.