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Raid Wasp Hornet Killer Does The Job

Reviewing: Raid Wasp & Hornet Killer 17.5 Oz.  |  Rating:
Joan Young By Joan Young on
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The Raid spray can of wasp and hornet killer is easy to use and very effective although it doesn’t seem to have the distance range that it claims.

We are having a real problem with wasps at our house this summer. I am not fond of killing things, even insects. However, having wasp nests on our deck, under our siding, and on the rocks in my rock garden just doesn’t work. When I got stung twice this week, that was enough for me. Wonderfully enough, all the wasp sprays were on sale! So I chose the cheapest one and got another 25% off of that.

One nice feature is that there is a directional cone around the spray nozzle which helps direct the spray. There is a small piece of plastic that you have to break out of this cone before the spray will work.

The active ingredients are tetramethrin and permethrin. It claims to kill wasps and their larva and eggs within the nest. You spray in the early evening when they have returned to the nest. I can verify that any wasps present are killed instantly. They say that any insects which may return to the nest later in the evening will be killed due to contact with the poison that will still be there. I know that any nests I sprayed had no stray wasps flying around the next day, and there were a lot of dead insect bodies lying around (see picture).

The can says that this will spray for 22 feet. This part is unrealistic unless you are perhaps spraying downhill with a tailwind. But I tested it in some weeds where no one goes and it sprayed clear and level with good concentration for about 12 feet.

I got some of the spray on our vinyl siding in order to spray into that nest, and it did not seem to damage the siding. I also couldn’t keep from getting some on the wooden deck floor. I think I’ll need to wash that area with soap and water later. It might have discolored the wood a bit, but since our deck wood is pretty aged and gray this wasn’t much of an issue for us. I’m more concerned about the poison being absorbed by the wood. And I had to spray a metal roof on a bird feeder. I hope I can clean the wood of the feeder well enough to use it again, but the finish on the metal roof was not destroyed by the spray.

If you get this spray on your skin you are supposed to wash immediately as it can be absorbed through the skin. You need to be careful that you don’t get any on pets, or that they get spray on their paws where they can lick it off.

I am very satisfied with the results from this product. I have killed five small nests and have used only about 1/3 of the can.