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Rainbow Water Vaccum Great For Some Things

Reviewing: Rainbow Water Filter Vaccum, Air Purifyer And Carpet Shampoo System  |  Rating:
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I borrowed the Rainbow water filter vacuum system from my sister in law awhile ago and I actually really liked it. The water filtering system was a bit gross at times as the vaccum sucked up gunk and junk from the carpets and spewed it into the water filled chamber of the machine and became murky and dirty, but it was obviously doing a decent job of cleaning the carpets. The vacuum doesn't use a conventional filtering system. Instead you fill the vacuum's water chamber with water and attach it to the machine. All the dirt and debris that is collected by the vacuum is put into the water and then the water just gets dumped into the toilet.

The carpet shampooer feature didn't impress me quite as much.This particular model had a small bottle attachment that clipped onto the hose of the carpet cleaning nozzle and you filled this with carpet cleaner. The cleaner then ran through a separate small hose while water from a main hose attached to the nozzle as well ran into the carpets through the spray attachment and was expelled into the water chamber of the main vacuum system. I found that this unit was a bit cumbersome to use and the carpet cleaning wand was lighter than I'd have liked in order to ensure a good deep cleaning. The carpet cleaner didn't do too badly on light traffic areas but more heavily trafficked ones needed to have two or three applications of cleaner before I was actually satisfied.

The one thing I did absolutely love about this system and I'd buy it for this feature alone, is the air purification. Simply adding a small amount of essential oil to the water in the vacuum filter chamber, adding the water and turning the system on to purify the air really worked well to freshen the house in a matter of only a few minutes.

Over Christmas last year we had visitors and some of these visitors smoked. Our home is a smoke free home as we don't allow smoking inside but this night was extremely cold outside and we felt it would be terribly rude of us to usher everyone out the door when they wanted a cigarette. It was a "poker" night and so we set up this system and added essential oils, leaving it run the entire time we were playing poker. It was very quiet in this mode and we really didn't mind it in the room.

After we'd finished I left the machine running a while longer. The following morning when I came down stairs I really did expect to smell a lingering hint of cigarette smoke yet the house smelled terrific, fresh and clean and not a single hint that anyone had even done as much as light a match.

At a $3000 price tag it would be a very pricey air purification system but overall, I'd purchase this product just for that if I could. I'm still strongly considering getting one just for that reason, as I really don't need a vaccum with our central vac installed. Every time I mention this to my husband however he just rolls his eyes, smiles and says "darling, your home already smells nice and fresh what do you need one of those for?" I guess that means he doesn't think the price is worth just the air purification. ;)