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Rake In The Fall Mountain Majestic Beauty

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Leaf Rake

Autumn brings brilliant colors to the mountains of western North Carolina. The mountain ranges are filled with vibrant colors of red, yellow and orange. This majestic beauty attracts tourists near and far. Peak weekend is the highlight of the season. This is when the leaf colors are the brightest. Western North Carolina homeowners know however, that there are two peak weekends each fall. The first is measured in beautiful colors, the second is measured by leaves in the yard. Armed with lawnmower attachments, leaf blowers and rakes, homeowners begin the task of collecting those once-adored treasures to be bagged, burned or mulched.

My tool of choice is a Garden Plus, 22 Tine, Steel Leaf Rake. I have tried collecting autumn leaves with a lawnmower grass-catcher attachment. This method works well for collecting leaves in the center of the yard. However, a lawnmower cannot collect the leaves that are between the bushes. I have tried blowing autumn leaves into piles with a leaf blower. This method stirs up a lot of dust. Besides, a leaf blower also tends to collect mulch along with the leaves. Both a lawnmower and a leaf blower require gasoline to operate. A leaf rake is the only tool that can tackle the whole job without adding additional cost to operate.

Raking the yard with a leaf rake feels nostalgic. The tubular wooden handle of the Garden Plus Steel Leaf Rake has the right feel. I also like the reinforced plastic tine holder. The Garden Plus Steel Leaf Rake is designed so that the steel tines are long enough for the leaf raking task while fitting snugly in the reinforced holder. The tines fit flush on the ground and all the tines end in a straight line.

I looked at rakes that claim to keep leaves from collecting in the tines, but these rakes felt too bulky and did not measure up to the Garden Plus Steel Leaf Rake. Removing leaves from a leaf rake is part of the experience. I like to look at the clean area of the yard as I remove the leaves from the rake. The Garden Plus Steel Leaf Rake allows me to gently remove the leaves from around the bushes without disturbing the mulch. I can also remove the leaves that are trapped in the bushes.

When the tourists arrive to take scenic photographs of the beautiful mountain ranges, I know it will soon be time to break out my Garden Plus Steel Leaf Rake.