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Raking Without A Broken Back!!!!!

Reviewing: Qvc Garden Grabber Lawn And Garden Rake  |  Rating:
By Geralyn Hydock on
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My mother bought this Garden Grabber lawn and garden rake for my husband's birthday present last year. When he opened up the gift, he had a puzzled look upon his face. Not only did he think that this was the oddest shaped rake he had ever seen but he also believed that it was another gimmick and that it would be a waste of money. To his amazement, it wound up working very well and it has become one of his most prized tools for garden and lawn chores.

This garden rake is made out of lightweight, durable steel. It allows you to rake, grab, and bag dry leaves, wet leaves, pinecones, dead flowers, pine needles, garbage pieces, pinecones, etc. then you bag them with vey little bending and stooping thus prpeventing many a backache. You never have to touch the pieces of garbage, leaves, or other debris as all you have to do is rake the debris into a pile and then turn the tool's hanlde to scoop it all up. The cable pulley mechanism opens and closes the tines to scoop up the materials. Once you have picked it up all you have to do is position the rake over a bag or a wheel barrel and release. It is that quick and easy!

This uniquely shaped rake saves one a lot of time and one does not have to bend over which is a blessing to those with bad backs or bad knees. It works much faster than the conventional rake which most of us own. My husband now uses the conventional rake sometimes to make a pile then he scoops it up with the new grabber rake.

Once a skeptic, my husband now religiously uses this rake in the fall to rake leaves and clear debris from underneath the bushes and in the gardens. The rake allows him to grab and pull debris from way underneath these bushes without having to climb under them. Come spring, he cleans up the flower beds with the rake and clears away any left over leaves from the previous fall.

This rake is terrific! It saves you so much time and labor not to mention all the pulled muscles, backahces, and painful knees from bending. Both my husband and I highly recommend this rake to everybody who has any raking/yard work to perform.