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Ralph Smells Pretty In Blue

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Brandy Norton By Brandy Norton on
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I get mail from a chain store called Bealls all the time. I always look through it, but most of the time, I don't buy anything.

These fliers always come with scented cards you can smell, to help them sell their perfumes.

Two years ago, I was looking through one of their fliers, and found one of the perfume cards that I thought smelt pretty good.

It was called Ralph Lauren Blue.

I rubbed the card on my arm and went on about my business.

Every time that day, that my hands were close to my face, I would think, "Dang That Smells Good". My kids thought so too.

I had an anniversary coming up. So I told my husband, "Don't get me anything, I rather have the perfume".

Some people would say, why didn't you get him to get it for you?

It would take the act of congress, to get that man, to go shopping for perfume. He thinks like this, "I'm the manly man". Everyone knows the type.

Anyway, the perfume cost around $50.00 for the 2.5 oz at the time. That was a little higher, from what I was use to buying. I realize later, that as long as it last, that was really cheap.

Two years later, I still have half a bottle. But, I only use it for special occasions or like church, and school functions.

The longer I wear it, the better it smells.

If you have never heard of or tried, Blue by Ralph Lauren, you have to go to your local department store and check this out.