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Rambo 2008

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By mikeys-thoughts on
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The 4th Rambo movie takes place in the Thailand and Burma border region. Rambo finds himself fighting in the war torn country of Burma attempting to rescue Christian Missonaries from brutal Burma Militia Men led by Major Pa Tee Tint who torment locals who struggle to live day to day. The movie is suppose to be based on true events that occur in Burma showing the repression the people face

The Scenes:

The scenes in the movie rambo can be beautiful but also very brutal. Examples of the beautiful scenes would be seeing the the land from a distance in the film as I get a look at mother natures beauty. The brutal scenes would of course be the war fighting scenes. The scenes also do a good job at making the film more dramatic in some parts as well

The Action:

I notice in the film after something very violent happens they will quickly switch to another camera angle. I would think the reason they switch camera angles so fast after something violent happens is because so much violent things happen. The film has no choice but to speed things up so the movie isn't too long. of so much violence. Don't think the whole movie speeds up too fast though as thats not the case. The movie is very well organized and goes at just the right pace in my opinion.

The Soundtrack:

I really like the soundtrack. The soundtrack in the movie is very good at adding an emotional feel to the film.

The Acting:

The acting is very good in the film. I would estimate the acting is better than 80% of the other movies I've seen in my lifetime

Rambos State of Mind In the Film:

Rambo now a middle aged man in the film is wiser, but his anti-social behavior has not changed. Hes lost his faith in alot of things, but at the same time has come to terms with the way things are in his environment. Rambo accepting who he is as a person will be more difficult though, but if there is such a thing as destiny Rambo has it and it cannot be denied.

Rambos Enemies In This Film:

I wouldn't consider the enemies in this film to be as tough or difficult as past Rambo films, but still their as cold and ruthless as any of the past enemies.

My Thoughts On the Ending:

I think it pretty much says this is the end of the series of movies in the Rambo Trilogy. The ending of the movie in my view is just the way it should be as they don't try to over do it.

Highlights of the Film:

The film had a good introduction so I could know what was going on. Also mentiond earlier the Soundtrack was excellent and the Picture quality was Excellent. The Soundtrack was the best out of all the highlights for me.


I really enjoyed the film. I think the organization, pace, and timing of the flim as a whole is excellent.