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Rambo 4 Will He Ever Calm Down !

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By superninja27 on
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OK Rambo 4 you say my word what’s going on…..I know I was a bit sceptical at first even though I love Mr Stallons Rocky series I wasn’t really keen on the Rambo thing, however I was very curious so like all other testosterone fuelled 1980’s kid I was pump.

Ok 1st thing 1st here the story line in a nit shell and hey I didn’t make this up MR STALLONE DID

“In Thailand, John Rambo joins a group of mercenaries to venture into war-torn Burma, and rescue a group of Christian aid workers who were kidnapped by the ruthless local infantry”

Yes my word anyway I got quite excited by this actually because as a Christian man who doesn’t believe in the stereotypical view of Christianity n on that matter Christian men too. I really wanted to see some kick ass killings of evil men, after all wasn’t King David a bit of a nutter, he was a little teen who Killed Goliath the 9ft giant with some faith and a pebble, then sawed off Goliath head for the enemy to see… yes Christian faith isn’t a PG13 …sorry I’m getting distracted.

Anyway Rambo 4 its full of guts and blood so be prepared, its story is very simple, but deals with Rambo faith and character, its best sum it up as the Nutter says.


Hmm, simple I Guess but not as deep or as effective as Rocky 6, so for inspirational purposes it didn’t quite hit the mark for me.

Now the action brilliant a bit too gruesome at times, but that’s what Stallone was aiming for, I think it’s the best of the Rambo’s but remember this movie isn’t for everyone, just like horror movies isn’t for everyone.

The dvd 2 disk special is really good, as always sly makes great commentary plus there loads of features on how the movies made etc…

I watch Rambo 4 with a group of lads that loved the 80's action flick and I must confess we had a wale of a time, so its definatley fun!