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Rambo: First Blood Part 2 Ultimate Edition

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By feezle on
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Let the explosions begin. This is the movie that transformed Sylvester Stallone into a super hero. In prison, after the events of First Blood, John Rambo is offered a full pardon in exchange for checking a Vietnamese camp for POWs. His orders were not to engage the enemy, only to take pictures. Even had he not lost his camera equipment early in his mission, we all know he couldn't follow those orders. When arriving back at the extraction point with a POW, he is abandoned by his superiors and taken into captivity. After an interrogation, a shirtless Rambo escapes and proceeds to single handedly kill everything in sight. One happy ending and one cheesy speech later, and we have the setup for Rambo III.

The special Features on this dvd are horrible. They go for a special ops feel, and don't quite pull it off. They should have had Stallone do commentary for this movie. That was the only redeeming factor for the First Blood special features.