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Rambo Rambo Review

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Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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Rambo -This is the latest Rambo movie. It is directed and co written by Sylvester Stallone. Stallone also stars in the movie as does Julie Benz, Matthew Marsden and Graham McTavish.

This movie is set in Thailand where it was also filmed.

This is the story of a Vietnam veteran who never went home. Instead he lives in Thailand where he fishes, catches snakes for snake entertainers and rents out his boat to others. One day a group of missionaries appear wanting to rent his boat to go into Burma where there is a war going on. He tries to discourage them but when that fails he takes them into Burma. Unfortunately, they are taken prisoner during the war and it's up to Rambo and a group of mercenaries to save the day.

This movie is rated R for graphic violence against women and men and for gore. This movie is extremely graphic and gory. If you do not like this sort of content do not rent this movie or buy it. The violence, killings, blood and gore is extremely realistic. I think this movie was going for the shock factor which it achieved.

Now I like a good action movie but even this movie was too much for me. Overall I thought this movie was okay but they really did not need so much blood and gore. This story could have been told with out being so shocking. I think I would have rated this movie higher if it had not been so graphic.