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Randy Newman Was Wrong!

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Yes, with the Deluxe Gopher Pick Up and Reaching Tool, short people DO have a reason to live.

There are dozens of uses for this grabber around the home and office. Pick up things you dropped behind the washing machine, put things away on high shelves, reach out the front door to get the newspaper when you are not properly dressed.

I use mine to adjust the drapes on a tall window with no drawstring. I also use it frequently to get things off high shelves in my pantry, laundry room, and garage storage cabinets. It is easier than getting the step stool, and safer than standing on a chair.

It is a sturdy tool made of lightweight aluminum and plastic. It is easy to control using its pistol grip and there is a sliding lock button if you want to keep it in the clasped position.

This Pick Up and Reaching Tool would be particularly useful for people with back problems or mobility issues. It has is about 33 inches in overall length, and folds in half for easy storage. Supposedly it is strong enough to lift a 5 pound bag of sugar, but I would not want to try that.

Since I got mine several years ago I am starting to see them for sale in many different places, such as hardware and discount stores.