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Rantings On The Rant!

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Joseph Burnett By Joseph Burnett on
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Well I got this phone for Christmas 2008 and I must say that it is much improved over the crumby phone that I had previously. I had been wanting a phone with at least a slide out qwerty keyboard and Yay for me I got one. It does have some drawbacks but all in all I would reccomend this phone for anyone who has Sprint and is looking for something mid-range on price and functions.

The size and weight is part of what attracted me to the model in the first place. Weighing in at just under 5oz. and measuring 4.44"x2.05"x0.71" it seemed to fit the size I needed. I did encounter a little trouble finding a nice case that fit though. I ended up finding one at the local sprint store after checking in on their shipments for a couple weeks.

The battery life seems (so far) to be really decent. I typically charge my Rant every other day for like 3 hours and I'm good. I didn't even invest in the car charger since it held battery so well.

The functions on the phone are pretty cool I mean with the maps and GPS, web browser, mp3 storage ability, and the standard camera it's rounded fairly well. As far as the memory goes it's fairly impressive coming with 24mb built in and the add on through microSD of up to 16gb. I love it because I'm big into my mp3's!

The only dark side of the phone isn't even really the phones fault it's a Sprint issue dealing with their ringtones and bluetooth standards and policies. Mainly the fact that it seems as though you should at least be able to use altered mp3 files as ringtones since you can have them stored on your phone and listen to them using your music player on the phone but think again.

Anyway it's a pretty kickin' phone so go get one unless you have something better already.

Update On May 01, 2009: I totally forgot about the durability. Anyway all I have to say is WOW, I have dropped this thing so many times it's ridiculous. Thats including one time shortly after I got the phone where I dropped it in a huge puddle of water and it was totally submerged (not a single drop of water got inside the phone). The only thing that has happened is that I now have like a couple tiny miniscule scratches on the very corner. So this phone can take a beating and still go on like nothing happened.