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Rapid Refund.. What A Joke!

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kristyh By kristyh on
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It is tax time once again. We personally look forward to getting our tax money back to pay bills- like so many other people. We used Liberty Tax Service 2 years ago and they were fine. We did not have as good of luck this year. We should have stuck with who we used last year- H&R Block. The wait in the tax office was long, but not suprising. We opted to go ahead and pay a little more for the rapid refund because we need the money. The only reason we went to Liberty this year was because they sent us a 25% off coupon for tax filing fees in the mail. I am not sure what their normal rate is because even with the coupon we paid $300 out of our federal for tax fees. We left there thinking they would call us in two days, which has always happened any other time we have filed for the rapid refund. Well 2 days came and went so on the third day I called them (in the morning). The lady was very nice and said they have recieved our information and that we were approved, they just had not printed our check yet. My thought was, "Well print it already!", but I tried to be understanding and she said she would call me later that day. Well at 5 O'clock my husband decided to call back a different lady said she would call us right back. She never did. My husband called back at 7pm. The lady said the check was still not ready, after she had to look for 10 minutes for our information, and then she had the nerve to tell us not to call because they are busy- that they will call us. Well tomorrow will be the fifth day and still no word!! This is a company that overcharges, does not give correct information, and hire rude employees. I would NEVER recommend this tax place to anyone!! They are a complete RIP-OFF!! This is FALSE ADVERTISEMENT at it's finest.

**My husband just called them back - still no check and no idea when we will get it!!

Update On Feb 09, 2009: Day 6- I called this morning a they said that they were just waiting for the IRS to give the go ahead to print the check and call back in 5 minutes. On day 3 they said we were approved and were just waiting to print the check. We have never had to wait more than 2 days for the rapid refund. My husband called back 20 minutes later and they said the general manager was coming in at 10am to look at this. So did they mess up? It is almost 11 and no one has called us back yet.

Update On Feb 20, 2009: FINALLY got our check today - what is this day 16? My husband had actually called the place 2 days ago and they mentioned they would take some off our tax filing fees because we did not get the rapid refund. NOT, they lied AGAIN! They still charged us the $304.00 for fees. And for my icing on the cake they use Santa Barbara Bank & Trust checks so our bank has to put it on hold for 5-11days to make sure it clears. How come it is so hard to get your own money? All I know is that I WILL NEVER go to LIBERTY TAX SERVICE AGAIN EVER!! I will either do my taxes online or go to H&R.