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Raquetball Shoes Which Give 360 Degree Ventilation

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By harsha on
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The Top Vuelo shoes from Adidas are the most comfortable shoes to wear while playing raquetball as they give 360 degree ventilation, literally. The shoes are ventilated and the amazing thing about these shoes is that the soles are ventilated too which makes them a complete 360 degree ventilated shoes.

Though I am not a professional raquetball player, I must say I am not a bad player and I play for relaxing and as an exercise for the body. But six months ago I started to feel an acute pain in my ankles (which thankfully is gone now after I started using these adidas shoes) and this used to get severe while and after playing racquetball. This really used to be a problem for playing racquetball and it stopped me from playing for some weeks. I thought it must be because of my jogging shoes which ahve hard soles. So, I thought I must buy a new pair of shoes to wear while playing games.

I wanted a pair of shoes which ahve soft soles and while browsing for them I ended up seeing the site www.raquetballwarehouse.com and I read the features, there are more things than I wanted and they are good too. I thought I must buy them if only I wanted a new pair and ordered for them and the most relaxing thing is they didn't charge anything for shipping. The price of the shoes is very reasonable and they came in 99 $. They arrived in a week time and they were in good condition in a careful and nice packing.

I scanned the photo came in the hand book that was in the pack and I posted the pic too along with review and as you can see in the photo, the shoes are white in color with small white stripes and gold and grey designs. They are very 'cute' pair of shoes I have seen with perfect color combination. They are very light weight shoes and are designed very well.

They have narrow fit and they fit perfectly around the feet. This makes it easy to move around ground while playing as the perfect fit helps in fast movement. The soles are very soft and it is a great comfort wearing these shoes. After I started wearing these shoes while playing, the little pain I had slowly started decreasing and it is completely gone now. Though I read in the booklet that the shoes give 360 degree ventilation, I was not counting on it as I thought they were boasting. But it is REALLY true. These shoes are allowing my feet to breath. The synthetic and cloth materials on the shoe give complete ventilation and it really didn't come as a surprise for me. But what surprised me is that the soles are giving ventilation too. The air flow is great because of this and it really helps in avoiding any discomfort while wearing these shoes.

I can prove that these shoes give 360 degree ventilation and the proof is-my socks smell and appear fresh (which otherwise stink) when I come home after playing the game!