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Rare Beatles Jukebox Only, Colored Vinyl 45 Record

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I won a jukebox-only, blue vinyl Beatles 45 of "Something/Come Together" on Ebay for $10 plus shipping, so of course I had to look it up after I already bought the record, discover the historical background of its existence, and find out if I paid too much for the novelty item.

Altogether, to the best of my knowledge, there were 50 singles released on jukebox only, colored vinyl by Capitol records: 43 Beatle singles in crystal, blue, red, pink, green, black, white, yellow and orange, 1 Beach Boys in green, and 1 Badfinger in blue, that were only made available from May 1994 to Jan. 1996, and 5 more colored vinyl jukebox 45s that were released in 2001-2002, all Beatle singles. These jukebox only, colored vinyl singles were never available for retail sale, but had to be special ordered from a record distributor. Some of the manufacturing mistakes are worth a lot of money already because of their rarity, such as the red "Love Me Do/P.S. I Love You", black "Birthday/Taxman", and the green "Norwegian Wood/If I Needed Someone". But generally, the colored vinyl singles are valued at about $10 apiece right now as collector's items. The jukebox colored vinyl is no longer in print, so you'll only be able to find them at a private sale, garage sale or auction.

I bought the blue vinyl "Something/Come Together" 45 less for its collector's value than for its overall aesthetic value. The 1964 Original Beatle Stamps that I own are mounted on a pure gray background with a blue mat in black frame. To match that in my living room decor, I'm going to mount the 7" blue vinyl Beatles 45 on the same pure gray background in a black 8" x 8" shadowbox. Two more shadowboxes of mounted black vinyl Beatles 45s, "Yesterday" and "The Long And Winding Road" that I also bought on Ebay are going to complete and balance the look and theme of Music and Time that I'm aiming for in my living room decor.