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Ratatouille Xbox 360 Just A Snack, Not A Feast

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By kalel on
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I'm not sure if I'm comfortable playing game where the main character is a rat. As any pixel-loving game junkie will tell you, the rat is the sacrificial rodent of gaming. Most adventures begin with the player slicing a rat, or hundreds of rats, to bits. But since everything Pixar touches turns to gold these days, I figured I'd give this little rodent a chance. Like the movie, this game follows the exploits of Remy, a rat who aspires to become one of France's most famous chefs. With a taste for only the finest foods, Remy's dinners, which must be properly seasoned, often require a hair-rising chase before they are fully cooked. Most of Ratatouille's gameplay is comprised of fast-moving platform-based challenges. For a property that is so kid-centric, it's surprisingly how difficult some of this game's feats are. Leaping from ledge to a wire requires the highest level of precision, and all of the timed missions push for a blend of speed and perfection in your movement. Since your character is so small, the daunting size of the environment adds a layer of difficulty to most of the challenges. The gameplay is solid, despite nagging camera and control issues, and a host of unique missions and mini-games gives it a sense of variety that at least kept me interested in continuing Remy's quest to become a rodent gourmet. It's not amazing, but it's solid fun for younger Pixar fans.