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Rawlings Football St5 Naia: My Favorite Ball

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David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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I am a big sports fan of football. I spent 10 hours a week putting together a small flag football team in 2002 and that was just the first year. I spend many hours now beyond that in the off season. The local Parks & Recreation Department gives our teams the chance to go to State finals. This is a privilege to the winning team. It is worth the time preparing for this opportunity (we still fall short).

Ever since that very first year as an Iron Eagle (my team name), I have been addicted to Rawlings footballs. We went through six different balls that first season, trying every different ball on the market. By the time play-offs rolled around, we had our hands on one of the finest rawhide balls you can own.

Made of real leather, these balls feel better in your hands than any other ball made in the world today. It is a velvet touch to us QB's. The ball is also well balanced for that perfect spiral and the weight is perfect for launching those tight outside rocket passes. You have nothing but confidence when you have this in your grasp while scrambling out of the pocket and running for your life. The Neoprene layer of backing attached to the underside of the leather gives this football the finest grip a man could have.

Last year, my ball finally bit the dust (mower death) when I accidentally hit the ball bag and sucked the ball into my mower. I barely nicked the bag, but the gouge I put in the ball about made me cry. Soon after this happened we all got together in the off-season and played a little ball at Washington Park, but the secondary ball was causing us to lose. We decided to pitch in together and get the ST5. This is Rawlings finest ball that was ever made (my opinion).

The official description of this ball is Rawlings ST5 NAIA official Size. The ball is a bit smaller than the NFL size. I can wrap my fingers around this one well. I can't quite grip the next size up.

Though we play well as a team when we are in shape, we can't quite pull together and win in the off season without this ball. Recently we won against our rivals again, even though I am 25 pounds out of shape and was barely able to breathe after the first half. it was a close game. This ball adds confidence like I mentioned before. It feels like the ultimate weapon of sports. It is identical to my old one.

I found that this one can be purchased online for about $12.00 less than what we paid. I still feel like we got a great deal. This ball will take us to the play-offs this year I am sure. I can't wait to lose my fat once again.

I am 42 now, and I still want to play a couple more years. The great times I am having with my three sons will be my fondest memories. I am proud to say that Rawling aided us when we needed it most. I will forever keep this on the shelf when I retire.