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Rawlings Official Mlb Baseball The Real Thing

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Micah Scott By Micah Scott on
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If you want the real deal in baseballs then the Rawlings Official Major League Baseball is the one for you. It isn't often that a person can afford to buy the exact same equipment that the professionals use but with baseballs one can. These can be found at any major league stadium, most good sporting good stores, and even at some retail stores like Target. That is where I purchased mine for $12.99.

These baseballs are made from leather and have fine stitching. You can tell it is the real thing because it has the stamped with the official major league baseball symbol and printed with the commishioners signature on it. These basballs are the real thing and you can tell it by the good grip you can get and even by the sound it makes when you hit it with a bat. For serious competition this is the real thing. I also use these baseballs for getting autographs on and if you want to make the signature count then these are the ones to use. The leather doesn't smear or fade and from a colletors standpoint, using an official ball always increases the value of the signature over using a cheap or generic ball.

The only downside to these baseballs is the price. At 12.99 each you wouldn't want to be buying many of these for just playing catch in the backyard or for practice batting out in the field. There are many cheaper balls that you can get to do those things with. However, if you want the real thing this is it.

Overall there isn't much I can say bad about these baseballs. After all, they are the ones the pros use and to get the same thing that professionals use for only 12.99 is a pretty good deal. If you are looking to get autographs on a ball this should be what you use and if you know a special little kid who loves baseball then one of these would be great. The feel and even the smell of the ball are the real thing and you can easily tell the difference over cheap imitations.