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Ray Man: Raving Rabbids For The Wii

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By nicholmom3 on
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Doooooode. This game is serious fun. I was sceptical at first. It looks incredibly dumb on the surface. Once you get past the goofy story line and the questionable cartoon characters, the game becomes fun, entertaining, and ADDICTING!!!

I am by no means a "gamer". In fact, I only tolerate my husband's gaming because I know it makes him happy. This game, however, is one I'm happy to kick his butt in. The game consists of a TON of random mini-games. You take your character through the levels, doing incredibly amusing feats, such as shooting toilet plungers at the rabid rabbits popping out at you. Or, my personal favorite, listening to a "choir" of delirious rabbits "singing" and you have to SLAP the one that is singing out of tune. Too funny.

There is a story version, and a challenge version, where you try to beat out your other players with points. I highly recommend this game for anyone with a goofy sense of humor, and those with wives who aren't really gamers, but enjoy spending time with their Hubby. It's worth it's cost in Laughs!