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Razer Pro Click V1.6 High Precision Mouse

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The Razer Pro|Click™ v1.6 High Precision Mouse is exactly what it says it is, high precision. It has 1600dpi with a frame rate of over 6400 frames per second.

A feature I find really nice as opposed to most optical mouse models is that it is always on, meaning no shaking the mouse to wake it up and get things going after reading online articles or typing up your blog.

It features 7 independently programmable buttons for your convenience however I feel they fell a little short in the actual application of this feature. The side buttons are single buttons that tilt forward and backward to allow for two separate buttons on either side. These work ok for me since I have smaller hands but my boyfriend has trouble with precision when it comes to making sure he clicks the right ones. Also, the right side buttons are in an odd position making it difficult to reach without an odd finger position and is probably useless for anyone with larger hands.

It also offers and decent setup menu for sensitivity, scroll speed and button setup as well as offering "on the fly" sensitivity adjustment which means that you can change the mouse speed at any time with a single click of the mouse which comes in handy when switching between multiple programs as they often respond differently.

The overall look and feel is nice, it seems more suited for a mac user in all white but the blue light up matches with my keyboard back-lite so I quite like it. The mouse does fit differently in your hand than an average mouse, with your fingers laying more flat so it takes some getting use to. The nonslip surface of the right and left mouse buttons feel very nice to the touch and overall the mouse is quite comfortable but again, it may take some getting use to.

The actual cursor is incredibly smooth and I give this function of the mouse the best rating as it really is HIGH precision.

Overall I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys good precision in their gaming experience (such as first person shooters) just so long as you aren't going to mind the side buttons being a bit less than optimal.