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Rca Rp5620 Clock Radio Almost Perfect

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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There are a lot of features in this classy-looking, reasonably priced clock.

I originally looked into buying this example of bedside electronics because of the way the CD loads into the player, and because of the attractive display. I have not been disappointed in these or its other features.

Instead of loading flat with a pop-up top, the front of the clock flips forward and the CD loads on a slight angle. I think it is easier to get the CD in without scratching it. There is also no spring to wear out, because gravity just holds the "cover" open to insert the CD.

There are so many nice features of this machine that I hardly know where to begin, but I'll start with using the CD player for falling to sleep and waking up.

You can set the CD (or radio) to play for a specified length of time (default 59 min) before shutting off. You can set the songs to play in order, one single song, or randomly. This is nice because if you fall asleep after about 2 songs each night you get to hear more than the same two!

The button to start the CD playing with the "sleep" feature is easy to find in the dark (I usually go to bed after my spouse). The volume control on the back is a thumb wheel, also easy to adjust in the dark. If you decide to turn the sleep function off it is just one touch, although you need to be a little more adept at finding the right button in the dark. I can play it with the volume REALLY low and not have too much distortion.

You can set up to 2 wakeup times, and each of these can have its own choice of wake to buzzer, CD or radio. A specific CD track to wake up to can be selected, in addition to ordered or random. The snooze bar is easy to hit and difficult to hit something else by accident. There is a one-touch button to turn off the alarm, but instantly reset it for the next day at the same time. It is a little more complicated to turn the alarm off completely for a day you don't need to wake at a certain time, but I only had to look it up twice before I remembered how to do it.

Of course you can simply play a CD or the radio at any time if you are working in the bedroom, without altering any of the sleep/wake functions. There is an audio jack to connect an mp3 player, cable or player not included.

There is also a "nap" feature. This allows you to take a nap of a specified time period (in 10 minute increments up to 2 hours) and wake (to alarm only) without changing the normal wake-up time!

You can also set the snooze time (default 9 minutes). When you use the snooze button the backlight color turns red, and stays red until you push the off button. So if you wake up, not to the alarm, you can tell at a glance that you are past the alarm time you set.

The alarm tone volume cannot be changed. It starts sounding softly and increases in volume until turned off.

The clock comes pre-set with the time. You choose your time zone and whether to observe daylight savings or not. (You can set the clock time manually in case of battery backup- 2AA, pre-installed- failure). For some reason the clock is not changing itself with daylight savings any more, so I don’t know if that’s a failure or if I accidentally changed some setting. It seems like it would be hard to change by accident because it’s an obscure button on the bottom of the clock.

Display Features:

You can choose whether you want analog (fake) display or digital. The analog clock face is actually a digital representation of analog hands, but it looks very classy! (Choose whether you want a second hand to display or not). One drawback is that the hands are so fine that when I wake up with bleary eyes sometimes it is hard to read the time. The digital display is large and clear, in the round, backlit face.

You can also select one of three colors for the backlight: Bright blue, teal blue, or grass green.

Choose two levels of brightness; both are pretty bright!

The footprint for the unit is nice and compact, only 5" x 6", and 6" high. You would need more clearance on the height, though, to use the top buttons.

Power consumption for the unit is 11 watts.

Limited one-year warranty ( new or refurbished unit provided as replacement).

Cons: Display very bright, many features means lots to learn.

I like the way this looks and operates. I have been very happy with it and recommend it for normal bedside clock/ music needs. And I see that on Amazon they are now under $25.