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Rca Tru Flat 32 Screen

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billtkatt By billtkatt on
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Ok so here's a experience for you;

Purchased this TV at the store a while back, had it for about 2 weeks. One day watching a show and BAM, the screen just goes black except for a line going across the middle.

So we call the maker of the set and are told to bring it to a service area, which we do. They find that the tube is shot and will have the TV replaced for free. No problem right? You would think so....

So after about 3 weeks, we get a call that a TV was shipped to the service area, but the Tube arrived smashed. So they tell us to contact the maker again, which i do. So i speak with a guy who has English as a third or fourth language and can't understand a word he's saying. So after lots of translation, i get that another unit will be sent out.

So another 2 or 3 weeks later, we get another unit. Pick it up and they try to charge us for the repair and replacement. So after arguing yet again with both the service guys and the maker, we get it for free.

Get that one home, and guess what..... it works for about 2 weeks then the sound goes AND the picture. So we contact the same people again, and they have no record of the first exchange. So there is much arguing yet again, i speak with two more people who still can't speak English that well, and ask for a supervisor.

Speak with the supervisor, and get their name (thank god, we'll get to that soon) and are told to bring it in again.

So after bringing it in, we are told the tube is gone on this one as well. Also that a replacement will be sent... AGAIN!

So about 4 weeks later, still no TV so i call up the maker again, and are told that they don't have any record of the exchange. So again ask for a supervisor, tell them who i spoke with the first time, and that i would take the money back on the TV cause i was fed up with this. I'm told that the TV must be exchanged Three times before i could be refunded money. Yes this is all true.

So about 2 weeks after the first 4 weeks (are you keeping track), the TV comes into the service area again. They try to charge us yet again... again i argue and get it for free.

Now is the part that is fantastic, bring this TV back and guess what. Everything seems fine, but when you look at the bottom of the screen, you can see that the picture is off just enough to make you mad.

So instead of going through all this again and i still don't speak whatever language the "customer serivce" people are speaking to me. We decide to keep this unit, and ignore the fact that the picture is off and makes me mad.

So i will NEVER purchase anything from RCA ever again, and will highly recommend the same to anyone looking to purchase one!