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Re4 Gets A Wii Makeover!

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A couple of years back, Resident Evil 4 astonished gamers around the globe with amazing graphics, an engaging storyline, and addictive, fast-paced gameplay. This was on the Nintendo Gamecube. A year later, it was rereleased on the PlayStation 2. The graphics weren't as stunning, but the game came with a few extra modes to entice purchases. Now here it is again on the Wii; this has the amazing graphics and the extras, as well as a new control scheme exclusive to the Wii's abilities.

Everything from the other versions of Resident Evil 4 are all here. Go from area to area, solve a puzzle or two, and shoot down hoardes of mind-controlled Spaniards. This time you aim your gun with Wii remote, which is surprisingly accurate. If you think you've played this, think again.

There are a variety of enemies and enviroments you must transverse through to progress through the game. They have a variety of strengths and are all very intelligent. They'll dodge shots, hide, throw pitch forks at you, and even devise ways to ambush you. Scary!

After killing an enemy, you will recieve items such as ammo or money. Use the money to buy merchandise from a traveling merchant. He can upgrade your guns, give you armor, and much more. You'll also find treasures you can sell to earn even more money.

The sound sounds...well, real. You'll hear everything you'd expect to hear in a village to start out with. The wind, chickens, people murmering or talking. Then your heart begins to go into overdrive once you hear the villagers plotting against you, followed by the revving of the chainsaw. It's scary.

This is quite simply one of the best games I've ever played. Even if you've played the other versions, I advise you to buy it yet again.