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Reactine Allergy For Kids For My Wee Ballerina ;

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It was the day before my daughter Victoria's ballet recital. Victoria and her ballet class had been working hard on their "secret" routine.

Unfortunatly, Victoria woke up on Friday morning (recital Saturday) with her eye, forehead and side of her face swollen. LARGE!

I took Victoria to the hospital. After x-rays and blood work they determined it was a bug bite. The bites were so small you could hardly see them.

Victoria was admitted into the hospital for observation for over night, the doctor on call was worried that the infection would go to her brain.

Benadryl was given to Victoria but it was slow going.

Victoria was worried she wouldn't be able to perform at her recital.

The next morning things were much better but still very noticable swelling remained.

THE SHOW MUST GO ON! (Ballet recital 4 hours away!)

Victoria was released from the hospital and I was told to give Victoria Benadryl for the next 48 hours. We went to three stores and there was NO Benedryl! I was paniced but relieved. I wanted her eye to go down more but I didn't want to give Victoria Benadrl before her recital because it knocks her out!

I seen the Reactine Allergy for Kids and it was non-drowsy. PERFECT :)

I bought the Reactine brand, gave a dose to Victoria and we were good to go.

It brought down her eye more before the recital and seemily faster than Benadryl and she wasn't tired.

Victoria was a trooper, during her many needles for blood testing, an x-ray, a night at the hospital and her eye still a litttle swollen, she was very much excited to show off her ballet moves for friends and family.

Victoria and her class did an exellent job on their recital, dancing to The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

I'll always have Reactine Allergy on hand just in case, heaven forbid, this happens again and we can nip it in the bud without a trip to the hospital.

-Grape flavour




-The 100ml sized bottle is perfect, not too too much just to throw out later for not using it quickly enough

*unsure about the Active Ingredient