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Read Or Die Ova Dvd

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By hachibei on
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Read or Die is an OVA (Original Video Animation, sort of like a movie split up into parts) of a manga (Japanese comic book) called, obviously, Read or Die. It is about a secret agent named Yomiko Readman and her adventures with the British Library, who asks her to retrieve a book stolen by a criminal organization bent on destroying humanity. Even if you have no previous experience with the manga, Read or Die is still an exciting OVA to watch. However, this is not a cartoon to be watched by children; there is quite a lot of blood and violence.

The DVD itself has a lot of special features; with sound, you can choose from 2.0 or 5.1 Dolby Digital audio, in both Japanese or the English dub, and there are also English subtitles, for the hearing impaired or if you choose to watch it in Japanese. There are also bonus features, such as the original theatric trailer, historical biographies (as some of the characters in the OVA are based on real life people), a photo gallery, director and crew interviews, and previews of the manga. Also, as this is a DVD, the video and audio quality are excellent, although I did find one typo within the subtitles. The total run time of the OVA is 90 minutes.

Overall, I highly recommend this DVD if you are looking for a fast paced action movie with a great storyline.