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Reading Glasses Cheap

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My husband and I were in Michael's craft store and he pointed out these reading glasses to me. Mind you, I have refused to wear glasses but since I stare at a computer monitor all the time and know the light is not the greatest thing to be focusing on, I consented to check them out. And since I am not familiar with reading glasses I put them on and looked out into the store and said, "These are way too blurry", he laughed and reminded me that they were for close up viewing - oops!

I ended up buying 3 pair and made sure they looked as "smart" as possible. I got a red and black checkered pair, the pink ones and tortoise shell style. Each set of frames are a little different.

I wear the pink ones the most and find that after I remove them after hours of computer work, there are slight dents in my head from where the frames sit above my ears. Not sure if this means my head is too large or if the glasses are a bit tight and for smaller heads. They don't hurt while on and I don't get a headache, so I guess it's just how it is.

The strength I ended up with is the +1.50, which seemed fine and that strength really does seem to help clear up things.

Of course my dad told me to get them at Dollar Tree next time, because then I'd get 3 pair for the price I paid for just one of these. Live and learn I guess.

Update On Mar 30, 2010: For inexpensive reading glasses, I love them! I wear the pink pair all the time when I am on my computer and now that I am back in college and have a lot of reading to do, they come in handy. I always keep my 3rd pair in my purse - just in case. For what I need them for, they work and I see no reason to pay more for readers that cost 3 times or more than what I paid. One day I will get prescription tri-focals again.